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About Us

We train our clients how to assess their environments.   We equip them with knowledge that will assist them to taking control of their actions and improve their self-esteem and promote a healthy life style..

who we are

A system/method that focuses on the intelligence of relative movements in preparation for the possibility of an assault, using one’s knowledge of bodily kinesthetic to react to a stimulus based on, emotions, physical abilities, the threat, the environment, and the assessment of the outcome.

what we do...

When discussing self-defense, Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods does not limit itself to physical contact in an attempt to protect oneself or others. It is an expression, or endeavor, if I may, to seek balance as it relates to daily activities and functions. We encourages health and fitness, scholarly and environmental awakening and ethics and morality – “Awareness.”

who recommends us?

We are confident that you have heard – “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.”  We are also confident that, if you train with us; you will Recommend Us.

we are

Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods does not teach Jiu-jitsu/jiujitsu similar to Gracie Jiujitsu, Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and many other derivatives of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Though they are excellent systems, Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods primary focus is Kempo.  If one were to observe a Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods practitioner, one would notice that many of techniques displayed are similar to techniques observed in Silat, Catch Wresting, Tai Chi, Ba Qua and Aiki Jujitsu.

Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods offers many unique situational scenarios, the system is constantly evolving and adapting.  The system is termed the Art of Choice Adapt and Flow because with the knowledge of Venn Kempo Jujitsu one has the general ability to control his or her environment and actions through controlled compliance, and engaging and disengaging situations as they are expressed.

Pedro Bennett interview the Grappling Master – Gene Lebell

We do not train for entertainment

We do not train in mMA, as known as a Sport and displayed in a cage or ring.

The Reality

Bullying, Sexual Harassment, School, Mall, Work and Social Event Shootings. We Discuss and Strategize and Develop a Plan of Action.

We Focus on Real Solutions to Real Problems.

Training And Lessons: Virginia

Danville, Chatham, Gretna, Altavista, Lynchburg

Private and Semi-Private Lesson.