Professional semi-private & Private Lessons

Learn 7 to 17 times faster.  Learn in a private/semi-private environment.  Learn at your on pace.  Learn from and experience educator. 

As with private lessons, semi-private lessons is an excellent methods of learning self-defense.  Learn and train together.  Learn with minimum obstructions. Learning self-defense that meets your needs.  Learn with a friend, family member, an acquaintance …. Learn self-defense.  

self-defense seminars

Self-Defense seminars, addressing assaults, harassment, battery and bullying. 



Pedro is available to conduct self-defense seminars on an array of concerns, issues and interests:

  • Self-Defense
  • Weapon Defense
  • Ground Self-Defense
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Verbal
    • Physical
  • Classroom Alertness – Understanding metacognition, classroom management


virtual training

Using Skype or other audio/video technology, Pedro Bennett provides consultation in Kenpo and Krav Maga. Individuals have the option to learn self-defense or improve their knowledge of their techniques. Pedro also offers an instructor’s certification program in Kenpo Karate or Krav Maga. The program(s) are extensive and will require some physical / hands on training with him. For must, the programs will require more flex time due the method of presenting and validating knowledge or ability. Would you like to learn self-defense, however, time has a strangle-hold of you. Well, Pedro offers a 100% virtual self-defense program. The program offers real-time virtual training (30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins) that attempts to address your immediate needs. In reality, this program cannot replace training with an experienced and knowledgeable self-defense instructor. However, it attempts to address one’s individual needs based upon time restrains, accommodations, emotional state or personal appearance or physical presence concerns. The media used is effective for the blind, death and those vocally challenged. Contact Pedro for additional information.
Pedro Bennett has been an educator (Science Teacher: General Science, Chemistry, Physical Science and Critical Thinking) for approximately 23 years.

conflict resolution

Too often we focus on injuring others via physical contact. We focus on conflict resolution via open communication. Using his experience as an ex-police officer and college professor, Mr. Bennett uses strategies to identify the cause and effect of the conflict and addresses the conflict with the understanding of the Thomas and Kilmann’s five main styles of dealing with conflict.


Anti-Bullying Program… What are they? Anti-Bullying is the buzz word that many organizations are using to explain programs that have supposedly been in place for decades. Many of the programs discuss how they will empower individuals. In most cases, individuals are encouraged to use violence against violence. We must question the effectiveness of these programs. Our Method … Please feel free to contact us about our services related to Bullying.


Thinking about thinking – Meta-cognition Deciding if you would like to training in MMA? Bullying issues or concerns? Would like to training in martial arts and you are not sure with style of system you would like to train in? Would you like to know a few interesting studying strategies? You are a teacher, and need assistance with classroom management strategies. Do you need someone to bounce an issue or concern? You have heard the statement, “Two heads are better than one.” Let’s talks about it using virtual streaming or in person collaboration to address your concerns… Emotional Intelligence – Understanding your emotions and well as others, and knowledge how to management those emotions in a rational and logical manner….

We provide hand-to-hand, 21st century combat training.  Our program consists of:


  • Weapon retention and defenses
  • Voice commands
  • Arrest techniques which consist of practical ground and standup defenses.
  • A proactive approach is taught as a perquisite to physical interactions.

Hybrid Lessons


Having a busy schedule could be challenging to find time to train with an individual or group constantly.  Pedro is offers an alternative method of training.  Train using a hybrid curriculum.  Train via video (LIVE STREAMING – not using Skype) and in person with Pedro.  For those who have a busy schedule interested in learning via a hybrid program.

Safer Learning Environment - Public Education

In school, another shooting, another assault on a teacher, another child bullied, and another child physically assaulted.  Why? As you ponder why, and some are fanning the flame, I am engaged in suppressing the flame of violence in our public schools by providing teachers’ professional development.