Kenpo Karate


“Kenpo or “First Law” is an effective usage of multiple body parts to overwhelm an attacker.   Kenpo incorporates rapid strikes to stun and immobilize.  It integrates Chin Na techniques (Standing and Ground) and low kicks to control, unbalance and suppress an attacker’s intent.  Strike with the hands, feet, elbows; head, knees, shoulders, hip, etc. are limited to: time, distance & displacement, as well as ability.  Morality and the understanding of natural and societies laws govern the kenpoist actions.”                   

~ Pedro Bennett


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The complete system of the Chinese Kenpo Karate is not currently being taught in its entirety at Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods. Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods has extracted particular techniques for its Level 1 curriculum that has transition and been embedded within the practice and principles’ Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods seeks. Not only does Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods use some of the principles of Kenpo Karate within it levels. It uses principles traditionally observed in Aiki Jujitsu, Catch Wresting, Balintawak, Krav Maga, etc., nevertheless, the result that the Chinese Kenpo Karate pursues is embraced; however, in some situations within law enforcement and the educational arena, some techniques are not strategical judicious based on the laws of cause and effect.

 Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods focuses on individuality based on the past, present and future needs; as the student evolves, so does the system.

Note: The following techniques are techniques taught in m0st Kenpo Karate Systems and are not necessarily techniques taught in Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods. The techniques are presented as a reference library for Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods practitioners to reflect and obtain a better understanding of their history and lineage.



_____1. Japanese Sword (AB) v4
_____2. Chinese Sword (AB) v5
_____3. Delayed Sword v6
_____4. Knee of Vengeance v1
_____5. Fang of the Cobra v2
_____6. Twisting Talon (AB) v4
_____7. Returning Dragon v5
_____8. Breaking the Sword v3
_____9. Kenpo Shield v6
____10. Evasion v7
_____1. Front Snap Kick from neutral v1
_____2. Front Snap Kick from side (front and back) v2
_____3. Knife Edge Thrust to knee v4
_____4. Rear Thrust v3
_____5. Front Snap to Rear Thrust v3
_____6. Snapping Back Kick v5
_____1. Inward Block v1
_____2. Extended Outward v2
_____3. Upward v4
_____1. Straight Punch (Horse) v1
_____2. Inward to Straight Punch v2
_____3. Inward to Chop v2
_____1. Horse v1
_____2. Soft Bow v4
_____3. Cat v6

 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)





____1. Attacking the Circle v1
____2. Sumo v1
____3. Japanese Strangle Hold (ABCDE) v2
____4. Blocking the Kick (ABCDE) v2
____5. Headlock (ABC) v3
____6. Crash of the Eagle I (ABCDE) v3
____7. Grasping Talon (AB) v5
____8. Tackle Techniques (ABCD) v5
____9. Dancer v6
____10. Opponents at Sides (ABCD) v6
____11. Passing the Horizon (AB) v7
____12. Kimono Grab (AB) v7
____13. Lever (ABC) v8
____14. Crashing Elbow(AB) v8
____15. Heel Hook v9
____16. Bridge (AB) v9
____17. Eagles Beak (ABC) v10
____18. Front Bear Hug (ABCDE) v10
____19. Scimitar v11
____20. Breaking the Cross v11
____21. Aiming the Spear v12
____22. Raising the Staff v12
____23. Lowering the Gate (AB) v12
____24. Rocking Elbow v13
____25. Reverse Hammerlock (AB) v13
____26. Anvil (ABCD) v13
____27. Knee Lift v14
____28. Crane Leap (ABCD) v14
____29. Driving Elbows (AB) v14
____30. Crossing Guard (AB) v15
_____1. Front Snap (w/cover) v6
_____2. Front Thrust v7
_____3. Front Side Knife Edge v9
_____4. Cocking Rear Thrust v14
_____5. Side Thrust Knife Edge v9
_____6. Side Thrust Heel v9
_____7. Front Foot Wheel front / back v6
_____8. Defensive/Offensive Wheel v10
_____9. Knee Front v10
_____10. Knee Wheel v10
_____11. Front Snap to Wheel v10
_____12. Low Middle High Wheel v10
____13. Front to Side to Rear Thrust v13
_____1. Lead Hand Strike v5
_____2. Reverse Punch Traditional v5
_____3. Reverse Punch Side Fist v5
_____4. Back-Fist v5
_____5. Hook Punch v11
_____6. Uppercut v11
_____7. Lead to Reverse to Back Fist v5
_____8. Kiai v11
_____1. Inward Block
_____2. Extended Outward Block
_____3. Vertical Outward Block v3
_____4. Upward Block
_____5. Downward Block v2
_____6. Chamber Block -2 v7
_____1. Horse Stance – 3 v1
_____2. Fighting Horse v4
_____3. Defensive Fighting Stance v1
_____4. Offensive Fighting Stance v1
____1. Short 1 v4
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)



____1. Striking Mace v1
____2. Crossing Talon (ABC) v1
____3. Circling Elbows v2
____4. Locking Arms (AB) v2
____5. Windmill Guard (AB) v3
____6. Spiraling Wrist (AB) v3
____7. Crash of the Eagle II (A-I) v4
____8. Encircling Arms (ABCD) v4
____9. Rising Elbow v5
____10. Guarding the Wall v5
____11. Eagle Pin v5
____12. Striking Fang (AB) v6
____13. Shackle Break (ABC) v7
____14. Drawbridge (AB) v7
____15. Full Nelson v8
____16. Kung Fu Cross v8
____17. Divided Swords (AB) v8
____18. Gift v9
____19. Opening Cowl (AB) v9
____20. Slicing Dragon v9
____21. Ascending to Heaven ABC v10
____22. Raising the Sword v10
____23. Arm Hook (AB) v11
____24. Crossing the Sun (ABC) v11
____25. Attack From the Temple (AB) v12
____26. Kneeling Prayer (AB) v12
____27. Dart v12
____28. Covering Talon (AB) v13
____29. Wing Break (AB) v13
____30. U-Punch (AB) v13
_____1. Turn Side Thrust Knife Edge
_____2. Replacement Front Snap v5
_____3. Step Through Front Snap v5
_____4. Shuffle Front Snap v5
_____5. Re – Shuffle Front Thrust v11
_____6. Re – Shuffle Front Foot Wheel v11
_____7. Re – Shuffle Side Thrust
_____8. Re – Step – Shuffle Side Thrust Heel v5
_____9. Heel Hook v4
____10. Re – Shuffle Heel Hook v14
____11. Spin Rear Thrust v12
____12. Spin Side Thrust Knife Edge v12
____13. Front Snap to Heel Hook v14
____14. Side Thrust to Heel Hook v14
____15. Side Thrust to Wheel v14
____16. Side to Heel to Wheel v14
____17. Step Over Kick v11
_____1. Basic and Advanced Fake v7
_____2. Leg and Arm Check v7
_____3. Ridge Hand v4
_____4. Step Through Punch v10
_____5. Retreating Hand v11
_____6. Re / Step Through / Shuffle Hand v10
_____7. Elbow Slam – Drop – Vertical – Reverse and Inverted v4
____1. Apple Pick v14
____2. Parry Block v13
____3. Trapping Block v13
____4. Windmill Block v13
____5. Wrist Hook Block v13
____6. X-Block High and Low v13
____7. 2 Backhand Blocks to 1 Back-Fist v12
____8. 2 Palm Blocks to 2 Strikes v12
_____1. Hard bow with strike
_____2. Extended Bow with strike
_____3. Full Bow with strike
_____4. Reverse Bow with strike
_____5. Boxer Stance with strike v14
(lead, reverse,uppercuts,hooks)
____1. Long 1 v8
____2. Short 2 v6
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)



___1. Turning the Handle v1
___2. Bridging the Gap v1
___3. Advancing Phoenix (AB) v2
___4. 2 Headed Serpent v2
___5. Reversing Grasp (AB) v2
___6. Reaching for the Moon v3
___7. Flashing Daggers v3
___8. Bending the Limb v4
___9. Wrap Arounds (ABCD) v4
___10. Crouching Falcon v5
___11. Darting Serpent (ABC) v5
___12. Silk Wind v6
___13. Spreading the Leaves v6
___14. Crossing the Lock v6
___15. Darkness v8
___16. Spinning from the Sun v8
___17. Folding Wings v8
___18. Vise v9
___19. Swinging Gate v9
___20. Stretching the Bow v10
___21. Arcing Blades v10
___22. Circle of China v10
___23. Silent Escape (AB) v10
___24. Returning Viper v11
___25. Returning Thunder v11
___26. The Serpent v12
___27. Broken Staff v12
___28. Circling Serpent v12
___29. Chinese “L” Choke v13
___30. 5 Swords v13
___1. Half Wheel v4
___2. Inside Front Snap v4
___3. Lift Kick v4
___4. Slicing Wheel v4
___5. Inside Crescent v5
___6. Outside Crescent v5
___7. Spinning Front Snap v13
___8. Spinning Front Thrust v13
___9. Spinning Side Thrust v13
___10. Spinning Front Foot Wheel v13
___11. Spinning Heel Hook v13
___12. Spinning Outside Crescent 360 v13
___13. Slide Shuffle v8
___14. Forward 360 Wheel v13
___15. Outside Crescent to Wheel v6
___16. Inside Crescent to Side v6
___17. Inside Crescent to Spin Rear v6
___1. Corkscrew Punch Straight v11
___2. Corkscrew Punch Circular v11
___3. Punch Block v12
___4. Spinning Back-fist v12
___5. Step Through Spinning Back-fist v12
___6. Hard Bow Takedown Basic/Advanced v9
___7. Hip Roll Takedown v9
___8. Hip Throw Takedown v9
___9. Sweeps (Forward/Reverse) v11
___1. Double Brush Parry Block v8
___2. Universal Blocks v8
___1. Long 2 v7
___2. Short 3 v14
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)



_____1. Snapping the Rod v1
_____2. Turning the Key (AB) v1
_____3. The Butterfly (AB) v1
_____4. Whirling Warrior (ABC) v2
_____5. Flowing Hands v2
_____6. Whirling Blades (AB) v3
_____7. Thrusting Limb (ABC) v3
_____8. Crossing Hammers (ABC) v3
_____9. Two Man Swinging Gate (AB) v4
_____10. Sweeping Branches v4
_____11. Knee Sweep v4
_____12. Kung Fu Wrist v4
_____13. Stone Warrior (AB) v5
_____14. Praying Mantis v5
_____15. Drums of Manchu v5
_____16. Sowing the Seeds v7
_____17. Flashing Wings v7
_____18. Parting the Waves (AB) v7
_____19. Winding Limbs (ABC) v8
_____20. Brushing Wind v8
_____21. Thundering Hammers v8
_____22. Checking the Tide v9
_____23. Crossing the Mountain v9
_____24. Whirling Leaves (ABC) v9
_____25. Sweeping Wings v10
_____26. Kneeling Tiger v10
_____27. The Lotus v10
_____28. Attacking the Wall (AB) v11
_____29. Seven Swords v11
_____30. Reversing Hammers v11
_____1. Jump Front Snap v12
_____2. Jump Front Thrust v12
_____3. Jump Side Thrust Knife Edge v12
_____4. Jump Inside Crescent v12
_____5. Jump Front Foot Wheel v7
_____6. Flip Kick v7
_____7. Scoop Kick v12
_____8. Axe Kick v12
_____9. Chicken Kick v12
____10. Tornado Wheel v12
____11. Drop Kick v12
____12. Butterfly Kick v12
____13. Jump Spin Rear Thrust v12
____14. Jump Spin Side Thrust v12
____15. Jump Spin Crescent v12
____16. Jump Spin Heel Hook v13
____17. Flying Side Kick v13
_____1. Forward Roll v3
_____2. Scissors – show 3 v11
_____3. Knee Locks – show 3 v7
_____4. Advanced Sweeps – 4 v10
_____1. Sweep Block (high and low) v7
_____2. Smother Block v7
_____3. Rising Block v7
_____1. Twist Stance v9
_____2. Chinese Hidden Foot v8
_____1. Long 3 v6
_____2. Panther Set v13
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

3rd Brown   

_____1. Spinning Hammers v1
_____2. Dance of Death (AB) v1
_____3. Leap of Death v2
_____4. Miss of Leap (ABCD) v2
_____5. Eagle Claw v2
_____6. Eagle Miss v3
_____7. Foot Rake v3
_____8. Sleeper (AB) v3
_____9. Startled Cat (AB) v4
_____10. Manchurian Takedown v4
_____11. Shaolin Warrior (ABC) v4
_____12. Springing Tiger v5
_____13. Raking the Ground v5
_____14. Slicing Knee v5
_____15. Turning the Rod v5
_____16. Eagle’s Talons v6
_____17. Crossing Darts v6
_____18. Bending the Staff v7
_____19. Dropping the Staff v7
_____20. The Escape v7
_____21. Uncovering the Flame (AB) v8
_____22. Opening the Fan (AB) v8
_____23. Double Blades (ABCD) v8
_____24. Clawing Panther v9
_____25. Spear of Jade (ABC) v9
_____26. 3 Winds Claw (ABCD) v9
_____27. 3 Winds Fist (ABCD) v9
_____28. Chinese Cobra v10
_____29. The Phoenix v10
_____30. Retreating Phoenix (AB) v10
_____1. Mass Attack v11
_____2. Darkroom Staff v12
_____3. Long 4 v13
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

2nd Brown



_____1. Hidden Fist (AB) v1
_____2. Rocker v1
_____3. Circling the Sun (ABCD) v1
_____4. Leveling the Clouds v2
_____5. Plucking a Bird from the Sky v2
_____6. Sleeves of China v2
_____7. Monkey Elbow (AB) v3
_____8. Striking Asp (ABCDE) v3
_____9. Shooting Star v3
_____10. Pushing the Circle (ABC) v4
_____11. Circles of Glass v4
_____12. Japanese Hands v4
_____13. Waterwheel (AB) v5
_____14. Tumbling Clouds (ABC) v5
_____15. Rising Kick v5
_____16. Crane Kick v6
_____17. Sweeping Serpent v6
_____18. Covering the Flame (AB) v6
_____19. Cobra and the Mongoose v7
_____20. Chinese Junk v7
_____21. Dance of the Mongoose v7
_____22. Offer of Dust v7
_____23. Ming’s Sword v8
_____24. Chinese Fan v8
_____25. Locking the Gate v8
_____26. Waterfall v8
_____27. Prance of the Tiger v9
_____28. The Rake v9
_____29. 3 Tongues of the Dragon v9
_____30. Blocking the Sun (AB) v9
_____1. Skylight Spear v10
_____2. Tiger v11
_____3. Crane v12
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)


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1st Brown 


_____1. Legions of Ming v3
_____2. Fish Hook v3
_____3. The Sickle v3
_____4. The Dagger (AB) v3
_____5. Mantis v4
_____6. Whirling Mantis v4
_____7. Sticks of Satin (AB) v4
_____8. Diving Hawk v5
_____9. Advancing Hammers v5
_____10. Sweeping Arm Hook v5
_____11. Snapping Twig v5
_____12. Breaking the Yoke v6
_____13. Prayer of Death v6
_____14. Raising Shield v6
_____15. Circling the Pagoda (ABC) v6
_____16. The Thistle v6
_____17. Passing Wind (ABC) v7
_____18. Reversing Wind v7
_____19. Twisting Staves (AB) v7
_____20. Guiding the Staff v7
_____21. Cyclone v7
_____22. Double Spear (ABCD) v8
_____23. Crossing Swords v8
_____24. Whirling Thorn v8
_____25. The Wedge (ABC) v8
_____26. Slashing Cougar v9
_____27. Twisting Knee (ABC) v9
_____28. Double Asp (ABCD) v9
_____29. Oriental Lever (AB) v9
_____30. Parting the Reeds v9
_____1. Long 5 v1
_____2. Little Tiger v2
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

1st Black 



_____1. Chinese Pincers (AB) v2
_____2. Crossing Hooks v2
_____3. Turning the Flame (AB) v2
_____4. Stopping the Staff v2
_____5. Twisting Vine v4
_____6. Breaking the Staves (AB) v4
_____7. Hands of Jade v4
_____8. Spinning Log v4
_____9. Lever of Ming (AB) v4
_____10. The Lion (AB) v5
_____11. Double Lance (ABCDE) v5
_____12. Covering the Moon v5
_____13. Returning Fist (AB) v5
_____14. Falling Blades v5
_____15. Dance of the Dragon v6
_____16. Falling Hammers v6
_____17. Corkscrew (ABC) v6
_____18. The Whip v6
_____19. Winding Elbows (ABCDE) v6
_____20. Twisting Serpent v7
_____21. Chopping the Log v7
_____22. Falling Tree (ABC) v7
_____23. The Python v7
_____24. Twisting Dragon v7
_____25. Slicing Hands v9
_____26. The Scorpion v9
_____27. Chinese Thumbscrew (AB) v9
_____28. 4 Fists v9
_____29. Advancing Dragon v9
_____30. The Lock v9
_____1. Long 6 v1
_____2. Two Person Set (AB) v8
_____3. Long 3 Staff v3
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

2nd Black



_____1. Broom Sweeps (ABCDEFG) v1
_____2. Climbing the Stairs v1
_____3. Falcon (AB) v2
_____4. The Hawk (AB) v2
_____5. Springing Rooster (AB) v2
_____6. Flying Dragon (AB) v3
_____7. Scissors (AB) v2
_____8. Crouching Tiger v3
_____9. Falling Rock (AB) v3
_____10. Springing Limb v3
_____11. Falling Monkey v3
_____12. Slashing Dragon v4
_____13. Tibetan Knee v4
_____14. Tibetan Roll v4
_____15. Tail of the Dragon (ABC) v4
_____16. Slapping Silk v5
_____17. Twisting Rope v5
_____18. Wrapping the Gift v5
_____19. Double Knot v5
_____20. Hangman (AB) v5
_____21. The Leopard’s Tail v6
_____22. Following Fist (AB) v6
_____23. Hands of Air (AB) v6
_____24. Whirlwind (ABC) v6
_____25. Disappearing Hand (AB) v6
_____26. Chinese Hook (ABC) v7
_____27. Stick of Death v7
_____28. Betraying Stick v7
_____29. Catching the Cobra v7
_____30. Spinning Fire (AB) v7
_____1. Long 7 v8
_____2. Finger Set v9
_____3. Butterfly Swords v9
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

3rd Black



_____1. Sweeping Tiger v1
_____2. Hooking Eagle v1
_____3. Catching the Dragon’s Tail v1
_____4. Hands to Heaven v1
_____5. Driving Fist v1
_____6. Chinese Lock v2
_____7. Attack of the Hawk v2
_____8. Leopard’s Fist (AB) v2
_____9. Chinese Corkscrew v2
_____10. Twisting Cobra v2
_____11. Monkey Fist v3
_____12. Short Wind v3
_____13. Hands of Death v3
_____14. Twisting Leopard (AB) v3
_____15. Blocking the Dragon v3
_____16. Circle of Steel v4
_____17. The Attacking Dragon (ABC) v4
_____18. Stinging Butterfly v4
_____19. Winds From the East (AB) v4
_____20. Winds of Destruction (ABC) v4
_____21. Slash of Steel v5
_____22. Uncoiling Viper v5
_____23. Leaping Monkey v5
_____24. Circle of Fire v5
_____25. Ming’s Hammer v5
_____26. Dragon’s Whip (AB) v6
_____27. White Tiger (AB) v6
_____28. Winding Fist v6
_____29. Path of Destruction (AB) v6
_____30. Tail of the Cobra v6
_____1. Earth and Sky v7
_____2. 8 Point Spear v7
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

4th Black



_____1. Moment of Truth v1
_____2. Sound of Thunder v1
_____3. Path of the Leopard v1
_____4. Crane Wings v1
_____5. Wings of the Hawk v1
_____6. Swords of China v2
_____7. Coiled Hands v2
_____8. Stalking Tiger v2
_____9. Double Mace v2
_____10. The Wheel v2
_____11. The Panther Strikes v3
_____12. The Iron Palm v3
_____13. Floating Hands v3
_____14. Twin Cobras v3
_____15. Japanese Cross v3
_____16. Broken Wing v4
_____17. Hurricane (AB) v4
_____18. Chinese Phoenix v4
_____19. Spear of Vengeance v4
_____20. Arc of Steel v4
_____21. Shield of Iron (AB) v5
_____22. Kung Fu Shield (AB) v5
_____23. The Steel Circle v5
_____24. Knife of Vengeance v5
_____25. Dying Wind v5
_____26. Stick of Truth v6
_____27. Morning Thunder v6
_____28. Three Tongues of Fire (AB) v6
_____29. Steel Enemy v6
_____30. Riding the Staff v6
_____1. Tam Tui v7
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

5th Black


_____1. Sumo (B) v1
_____2. Japanese Strangle Hold (F) v1
_____3. Headlock (DEF) v1
_____4. Crash of the Eagle Pt III (ABC) v1
_____5. Grasping Talon (C) v1
_____6. Dancer (B) v2
_____7. Opponents at Sides (EF) v2
_____8. Passing the Horizon (CD) v2
_____9. Kimono Grab (C) v2
_____10. Lever (DEF) v2
_____11. Knee of Vengeance (B) v2
_____12. Two Man Crashing Elbows v2
_____13. Bridge (CD) v3
_____14. Front Bearhug (FGHI) v3
_____15. Aiming the Spear (BCD) v3
_____16. Simitar (BC) v3
_____17. Raising the Staff (B) v3
_____18. Rocking Elbow (B) v3
_____19. Anvil (EF) v3
_____20. Knee Lift (B) v4
_____21. Crane Leap (EF) v4
_____22. Crossing Guard (C) v4
_____23. Striking Fang (C) v4
_____24. Breaking the Sword (B) v4
_____25. Attack from the Temple (C) v4
_____26. Kneeling Prayer (C) v4
_____27. Dart (B) v5
_____28. Bridging the Gap (BC) v5
_____29. Reversing Grasp (C) v5
_____30. Flashing Daggers (B) v5
_____31. Bending the Limb (B) v5
_____32. Covering Talon (C) v5
_____33. Darkness (BC) v5
_____34. Folding Wings (B) v6
_____35. Arching Blades (BC) v6
_____36. Seven Swords (B) v6
_____37. Flowing Hands (B) v6
_____38. Crossing Hammers (D) v6
_____39. Thundering Hammers (B) v6
_____40. Crossing the Mountain (BC) v6
_____1. Long 8 v7
 (V #- refers to corresponding instructor’s training series DVD)

“The Belt System History”